Terfamex fentermina 15mg


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Terfamex fentermina 15mg

Terfamex fentermina 15mg is an appetite suppressant from the amphetamine family. When used short-term and combined with exercise, diet, and behavior adjustment, it can help reduce weight in obese patients.

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If you want to buy Phentermine, you will need to know their trade names: 
  • Definitum: Boxes with 30 tablets of 30 mg
  • Acxion: Boxes with 30 tablets with 15 or 30 mg


Currently in Mexico, Terfamex is sold under two different grammages:
  • Terfamex, 15mg
  • Terfamex, 30mg
  • Brand : Medix
  • Category : Pharmacy> Specialties> Gastroenterology
  • Active substances : Phentermine
Terfamex OD
Terfamex OD is the presentation of orodispersible tablets , that is, they are placed under the tongue and disintegrate instantly, releasing the active substance. The box of this product contains 30 tablets with 15, 30 and 37.5mg each.


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